Amarillo College Faculty Credentials

Faculty Member:   Jackie Llewellyn
Title:   Instructor - Speech/Communication
Department:   Speech/Communications
MA West Texas A&M University Communication
13 hrs University of Texas Austin General Studies
61 hrs Amarillo College Theatre
BA West Texas A & M University Theatre
Other Credentials
Previous Positions
Publications, Presentations, Public Works and Awards
Courses Taught at Amarillo College
Course ID Course Name Term
SPCH-1321-010 Business-Professional Speaking 2016FA
SPCH-1318-007 Interpersonal Communication 2016FA
SPCH-1318-008 Interpersonal Communication 2016FA
SPCH-1318-003 Interpersonal Communication 2016SP
SPCH-1318-008 Interpersonal Communication 2017FA
SPCH-1315-AH12 Public Speaking 2017FA
SPCH-1321-004 Business-Professional Speaking 2017FA
SPCH-1318-HS02 Interpersonal Communication 2017FA
SPCH-1321-002 Business-Professional Speaking 2017FA
SPCH-1318-007 Interpersonal Communication 2017FA
SPCH-1318-018 Interpersonal Communication 2017SP
SPCH-1318-007 Interpersonal Communication 2017SP
SPCH-1315-DC002 Public Speaking 2018FA
SPCH-1321-008 Business-Professional Speaking 2018FA
SPCH-1318-001 Interpersonal Communication 2018FA
SPCH-1315-DC001 Public Speaking 2018FA
SPCH-1318-004 Interpersonal Communication 2018FA
SPCH-1321-007 Business-Professional Speaking 2018FA
SPCH-1318-010 Interpersonal Communication 2018SP
SPCH-1318-001 Interpersonal Communication 2018SP
SPCH-1318-011 Interpersonal Communication 2018SP
SPCH-1315-DC005 Public Speaking 2018SP
SPCH-1315-005 Public Speaking 2018SP
SPCH-1315-DC001 Public Speaking 2018SP
SPCH-1321-008 Business-Professional Speaking 2019FA
SPCH-1315-DC002 Public Speaking 2019FA
SPCH-1318-001 Interpersonal Communication 2019FA
SPCH-1321-007 Business-Professional Speaking 2019FA
SPCH-1318-004 Interpersonal Communication 2019FA
SPCH-1315-DC001 Public Speaking 2019FA
SPCH-1315-006 Public Speaking 2019SP
SPCH-1315-DC005 Public Speaking 2019SP
SPCH-1318-020 Interpersonal Communication 2019SP
SPCH-1318-017 Interpersonal Communication 2019SP
SPCH-1315-DC001 Public Speaking 2019SP
SPCH-1315-DC001 Public Speaking 2019SU
SPCH-1321-006 Business-Professional Speaking 2020FA
SPCH-1321-007 Business-Professional Speaking 2020FA
SPCH-1315-DC002 Public Speaking 2020FA
SPCH-1318-001 Interpersonal Communication 2020FA
SPCH-1315-DC001 Public Speaking 2020FA
SPCH-1318-003 Interpersonal Communication 2020FA
SPCH-1315-DC005 Public Speaking 2020SP
SPCH-1318-024 Interpersonal Communication 2020SP
SPCH-1315-006 Public Speaking 2020SP
SPCH-1315-DC001 Public Speaking 2020SP
SPCH-1318-017 Interpersonal Communication 2020SP
SPCH-1315-001 Public Speaking 2020SP
SPCH-1315-DC002 Public Speaking 2020SU
SPCH-1315-DC001 Public Speaking 2020SU
SPCH-1315-DC001 Public Speaking 2021FA
SPCH-1321-006 Business-Professional Speaking 2021FA
SPCH-1318-003 Interpersonal Communication 2021FA
SPCH-1315-DC002 Public Speaking 2021FA
SPCH-1321-007 Business-Professional Speaking 2021FA
SPCH-1318-001 Interpersonal Communication 2021FA
SPCH-1315-DC001 Public Speaking 2021SP
SPCH-1318-004 Interpersonal Communication 2021SP
SPCH-1318-017 Interpersonal Communication 2021SP
SPCH-1315-006 Public Speaking 2021SP
SPCH-1315-DC005 Public Speaking 2021SP
SPCH-1315-007 Public Speaking 2021SP
SPCH-1315-DC002 Public Speaking 2021SU
SPCH-1315-006 Public Speaking 2022SP
SPCH-1315-DC001 Public Speaking 2022SP
SPCH-1315-DC005 Public Speaking 2022SP
SPCH-1318-017 Interpersonal Communication 2022SP
SPCH-1315-007 Public Speaking 2022SP
SPCH-1315-007C Public Speaking 2022SP
SPCH-1318-004 Interpersonal Communication 2022SP