Amarillo College Faculty Credentials

Faculty Member:   Lori Petty
Title:   Director of Center for Teaching and Learning
Department:   Center for Teaching & Learning
MS West Texas A&M University Interdisciplinary Studies
PhD Texas Tech University Philosophy
BS North Dakota State University Corp Comm Fitness/Nutrition/Bus. Admin
Other Credentials
Previous Positions
Publications, Presentations, Public Works and Awards
Courses Taught at Amarillo College
Course ID Course Name Term
EDUC-1100-LC1 FYS - Learning Framework 2017FA
EDUC-1100-LC2 FYS - Learning Framework 2017FA
EDUC-1100-011 FYS - Learning Framework 2018FA
EDUC-1100-024 FYS - Learning Framework 2018FA
EDUC-1100-023 FYS - Learning Framework 2018FA
EDUC-1100-014 FYS - Learning Framework 2018FA
EDUC-1100-001 FYS - Learning Framework 2018SP
EDUC-1100-025 FYS - Learning Framework 2018SP
NFFD-1701-4003 Prt Inst Retreat 2018SU
EDUC-1100-004 FYS - Learning Framework 2018SU
NFFD-1701-1049 Lunch/Learn 10-04-19 (30) 2019FA
NFFD-1701-1044 Teach Transform 11-15-19 (45) 2019FA
NFFD-1701-2045 Teach Transform West Dec (45) 2019FA
NFFD-1701-1035 Teach Transform 9-20-19(45) 2019FA
EDUC-1100-022 FYS - Learning Framework 2019FA
EDUC-1100-021 FYS - Learning Framework 2019FA
EDUC-1100-025 FYS - Learning Framework 2019SP
NFPD-1601-2998 New Faculty Orientation Sp19 2019SP
NFPD-1601-1015 Science of Learning 2020FA
NFFD-1701-2039 Teach Transform 2-07-20 (45) 2020SP
NFFD-1701-2036 Lunch/Learn 2-28-20 (30) 2020SP
NFFD-1701-2040 Lunch/Learn 2-07- (30) 2020SP
EDUC-1100-001 FYS - Learning Framework 2020SP
NFFD-1701-2047 Teach Transform West Feb (45) 2020SP
NFFD-1701-3148 Teach/Transform 4-24-2020 (45) 2020SP
NFFD-1701-2046 Teach Transform West Jan (45) 2020SP
EDUC-1100-025 FYS - Learning Framework 2020SP
EDUC-1100-007 FYS - Learning Framework 2020SU
NFFD-1701-3151 Ped Real Talk Co 2 2021SP
NFPD-1601-2107 Student Engage-Theory to Prac 2021SP
NFFD-1701-2063 Collaboration B (aces) 2021SP
NFFD-1701-3159 Design Studio Ttt 2 2021SP
NFFD-1701-2060 Collaboration a (aces) 2021SP
NFFD-1701-2067 Socratic Seminar C (aces) 2021SP
NFFD-1701-2070 Wc Student Engage Sp21 (125) 2021SP
NFFD-1701-3153 Culture Resp Ped 2021SP
NFFD-1701-3160 Teach Trans Pt 1 2021SP
NFFD-1701-2065 Socratic Seminar a (aces) 2021SP
NFFD-1701-2068 Tech Sup Learn Tools (125) 2021SP
NFFD-1701-2071 Wc Tech-Sup Learn Tools (125) 2021SP
NFFD-1701-2066 Socratic Seminar B (aces) 2021SP
NFFD-1701-3152 Ped Real Talk Co 3 2021SP
NFFD-1701-2069 Culture of Inquiry 2021SP
NFFD-1701-3161 Faculty Mentor 2021SP
NFFD-1701-2061 Inquiry a (aces) 2021SP
NFFD-1701-2064 Inquiry B (aces) 2021SP
NFFD-1701-2059 Academic Rdng Pt I (aces) 2021SP
NFFD-1701-2062 Academic Rdng Pt 2 (aces) 2021SP
NFFD-1701-3167 Student Engage I (250) 2021SP
NFFD-1701-3168 Teach Trans 3 (250) 2022SP