Amarillo College Faculty Credentials

Faculty Member:   Kimberly Crowley
Title:   Dean of Health Sciences
Department:   Health Sciences
B.S.N. West Texas A&M University
M.S.N. West Texas A&M University
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Previous Positions
Publications, Presentations, Public Works and Awards
Courses Taught at Amarillo College
Course ID Course Name Term
EMSP-1019-2001 CPR Healthcare Provider 2016FA
EMSP-1019-1006 CPR Healthcare Pro, Hereford 2016FA
EMSP-1019-1005 CPR Healthcare Provider 2016FA
EMSP-1042-1001 CPR BLS Instructor Certificat 2016FA
EMSP-1026-1002 CPR and First Aid 2016FA
EMSP-1019-1003 CPR Healthcare Provider 2016FA
EMSP-1019-1001 CPR Healthcare Provider 2016FA
EMSP-1019-1002 CPR Healthcare Provider 2016FA
EMSP-1019-2005 CPR Healthcare Provider 2016SP
EMSP-1026-2003 CPR and First Aid 2016SP
EMSP-1019-3006 CPR Healthcare Provider 2016SP
EMSP-1019-3002 CPR Healthcare Provider 2016SP
EMSP-1019-3004 CPR Healthcare Provider 2016SP
EMSP-1019-2004 CPR Healthcare Provider 2016SP
EMSP-1026-2002 CPR and First Aid 2016SP
EMSP-1019-2002 CPR Healthcare Provider 2016SP
EMSP-1019-2003 CPR Healthcare Provider 2016SP
EMSP-1019-3001 CPR Healthcare Provider 2016SP
EMSP-1019-3003 CPR Healthcare Provider 2016SP
EMSP-1042-3001 CPR Basic Life Support Instr 2016SP
EMSP-1019-3007 CPR Healthcare Provider 2016SU
RNSG-1006-4002 Re-Entry Nursing Kaylin Chase 2016SU
RNSG-1006-4001 Re-Entry Nurse Update-Im Ortiz 2016SU
EMSP-1019-4002 CPR Healthcare Provider 2016SU
EMSP-1019-4005 CPR Healthcare Provider 2016SU
EMSP-1019-4006 CPR Healthcare Provider 2016SU
EMSP-1019-4004 CPR Healthcare Provider 2016SU
EMSP-1019-4003 CPR Healthcare Provider 2016SU
EMSP-1026-4001 CPR and First Aid 2016SU
EMSP-1019-4001 CPR Healthcare Provider 2016SU
EMSP-1019-1003 BLS Provider 2017FA
EMSP-1042-1001 BLS Provider Instructor Trgn 2017FA
EMSP-1026-1002 CPR and First Aid 2017FA
EMSP-1019-1005 BLS Provider 2017FA
EMSP-1019-2001 BLS Provider 2017FA
EMSP-1019-1001 BLS Provider 2017FA
RNSG-1006-1001 Re-Entry Nursing K Carrillo 2017FA
EMSP-1026-1001 CPR and First Aid 2017FA
EMSP-1019-3010 BLS Provider 2017SP
EMSP-1019-3005 BLS Provider 2017SP
EMSP-1019-2002 BLS Provider 2017SP
EMSP-1019-3003 BLS Provider 2017SP
EMSP-1042-3001 Cpr Instructor Training 2017SP
EMSP-1019-2004 BLS Provider 2017SP
EMSP-1026-2003 CPR and First Aid 2017SP
EMSP-1019-3004 BLS Provider 2017SP
EMSP-1019-2005 BLS Provider 2017SP
EMSP-1019-2003 BLS Provider 2017SP
EMSP-1019-3002 BLS Provider 2017SP
EMSP-1019-3001 BLS Provider 2017SP
EMSP-1026-4001 CPR and First Aid 2017SU
EMSP-1019-4003 BLS Providers 2017SU
EMSP-1019-4001 BLS Provider 2017SU
EMSP-1019-4002 BLS Provider 2017SU
EMSP-1019-4004 BLS Providers 2017SU
EMSP-1019-1006 BLS Provider 2018FA
RNSG-1006-1001 Re-Entry Nursing Becky Jones 2018FA
EMSP-1019-1002 BLS Provider 2018FA
EMSP-1019-1004 BLS Provider 2018FA
EMSP-1019-1005 BLS Provider 2018FA
EMSP-1042-1001 CPR Instructor 2018FA
EMSP-1019-2001 BLS Provider 2018FA
EMSP-1019-1001 BLS Provider 2018FA
EMSP-1019-2003 BLS Provider 2018SP
EMSP-1026-3002 CPR and First Aid 2018SP
EMSP-1019-2005 BLS Provider 2018SP
EMSP-1019-2007 BLS Provider 2018SP
EMSP-1019-3003 BLS Provider 2018SP
EMSP-1019-2004 BLS Provider 2018SP
EMSP-1019-2903 BLS Provider Amarillo ABA 2018SP
EMSP-1019-3001 BLS Provider 2018SP
EMSP-1019-2902 BLS Provider Amarillo ABA 2018SP
EMSP-1019-3004 BLS Provider 2018SP
EMSP-1019-2006 BLS Provider 2018SP
EMSP-1019-2002 BLS Provider 2018SP
EMSP-1026-3003 CPR and First Aid 2018SP
EMSP-1019-3002 BLS Provider 2018SP
EMSP-1019-4004 BLS Provider 2018SU
EMSP-1019-4005 BLS Provider 2018SU
EMSP-1026-4905 CPR & First Aid Castleberry 2018SU
RNSG-1006-4001 Re-Entry Nursing Paula Waters 2018SU
EMSP-1019-4007 BLS Provider 2018SU
EMSP-1019-4006 BLS Provider 2018SU
EMSP-1026-4906 CPR and First Aid 2018SU
RNSG-1006-3002 Re-Entry Nursing Terri Leisy 2019SP
EMSP-1042-4001 BLS Instructor Certification 2021SU