Amarillo College Faculty Credentials

Faculty Member:   Mary Johnson
Title:   Professor - Music/Opera Productions
Department:   Music
B.M.E. Texas Tech University
M.M. West Texas State University
Other Credentials
Internationally reknowned dramatic soprano, having performed in major world opera houses including the Metropolitan Opera in New York City, La Scala in Milan, Sydney Opera House in Australia, Santa Fe New Mexico, and San Francisco California
The following coursework completed at West Texas A & M University is used to qualify instruction in applied voice and Opera Workshop
MUS 55121 Adv Mus Hist/Renaiss
MUS 55812 Adv Th/BSC Pedagogy
MUS 5502 Thesis
MUS 5505 Introd to Grad Study
MUS 5501 Thesis
MUS 55811 ADV TH/20C Styles
MUS 5561 ADV Vocal Lit
AP M 531VO Voice
Previous Positions
Publications, Presentations, Public Works and Awards
Courses Taught at Amarillo College
Course ID Course Name Term
MUAP-1181-001 Freshman Voice Elective 2016FA
MUSI-1160-001 Italian Diction 2016FA
MUAP-1283-001 Freshman Voice Major 2016FA
MUSI-1157-001 Opera Workshop 2016FA
MUAP-1281-001 Freshman Voice Elective 2016FA
MUSIC-1088-2001 Opera Workshop 2016FA
MUAP-2283-001 Sophomore Voice Major 2016FA
MUAP-2281-001 Sophomore Voice Elective 2016FA
MUSI-1161-001 English Diction 2016FA
MUAP-2181-001 Sophomore Voice Elective 2016FA
MUAP-2284-001 Sophomore Voice Major 2016SP
MUAP-1284-001 Freshman Voice Major 2016SP
MUSI-2161-001 French Diction 2016SP
MUAP-2282-001 Sophomore Voice Elective 2016SP
MUSIC-1088-2001 Opera Workshop 2016SP
MUSI-1158-001 Opera Workshop 2016SP
MUAP-1182-001 Freshman Voice Elective 2016SP
MUAP-1282-001 Freshman Voice Elective 2016SP
MUAP-2182-001 Sophomore Voice Elective 2016SP
MUSI-2160-001 German Diction 2016SP
MUAP-1282-003 Freshman Voice Elective 2016SP
MUAP-1281-001 Freshman Voice Elective 2017FA
MUAP-1283-001 Freshman Voice Major 2017FA
MUAP-2281-001 Sophomore Voice Elective 2017FA
MUSI-1157-001 Opera Workshop 2017FA
MUAP-2283-001 Sophomore Voice Major 2017FA
MUAP-1181-001 Freshman Voice Elective 2017FA
MUSIC-1088-2001 Opera Workshop 2017FA
MUAP-1181-001 Freshman Voice Elective 2017SP
MUAP-2284-001 Sophomore Voice Major 2017SP
MUSI-2160-001 German Diction 2017SP
MUSI-1158-001 Opera Workshop 2017SP
MUAP-1283-001 Freshman Voice Major 2017SP
MUAP-2283-001 Sophomore Voice Major 2017SP
MUAP-1281-001 Freshman Voice Elective 2017SP
MUSIC-1088-3001 Opera Workshop 2017SP
MUSI-2161-001 French Diction 2017SP
MUSIC-1088-001 Opera Workshop 2018FA
MUAP-2283-001 Sophomore Voice Major 2018FA
MUAP-1283-001 Freshman Voice Major 2018FA
MUAP-1183-001 Freshman Voice Minor 2018FA
MUSI-1157-001 Opera Workshop 2018FA
MUAP-1281-001 Freshman Voice Elective 2018FA
MUAP-2281-001 Sophomore Voice Elective 2018FA
MUAP-1182-001 Freshman Voice Elective 2018SP
MUAP-2282-001 Sophomore Voice Elective 2018SP
MUAP-1282-001 Freshman Voice Elective 2018SP
MUAP-2184-001 Sophomore Voice Minor 2018SP
MUSIC-1088-3001 Opera Workshop 2018SP
MUAP-1284-001 Freshman Voice Major 2018SP
MUAP-2281-001 Voice Elective 2019FA
MUAP-1281-001 Voice Elective 2019FA
MUSIC-105-1001 Private Voice Lessons 2019FA
MUSI-1157-001 Opera Workshop 2019FA
MUSIC-1088-1001 Opera Workshop 2019FA
MUAP-2283-001 Voice Major 2019FA
MUAP-1283-001 Voice Major 2019FA
MUAP-2282-001 Sophomore Voice Elective 2019SP
MUSI-1157-001 Opera Workshop 2019SP
MUAP-1282-001 Freshman Voice Elective 2019SP
MUAP-1284-001 Freshman Voice Major 2019SP
MUAP-2284-001 Sophomore Voice Major 2019SP
MUSIC-1088-3001 Opera Workshop 2019SP
MUSIC-105-3001 Private Voice Lessons 2019SP
MUAP-1184-001 Freshman Voice Minor 2019SP
MUSIC-1088-3001 Opera Workshop 2020FA
MUSIC-105-3001 Private Voice Lessons 2020FA
MUSI-1157-001 Opera Workshop 2020FA
MUAP-1283-001 Voice Major 2020FA
MUAP-2283-001 Voice Major 2020FA
MUAP-2281-001 Voice Elective 2020FA
MUAP-1281-001 Voice Elective 2020FA
MUAP-2284-001 Voice Major 2020SP
MUAP-1284-001 Voice Major 2020SP
MUSI-1157-001 Opera Workshop 2020SP
MUAP-1282-001 Voice Elective 2020SP
MUSIC-105-3001 Music Private Voice Lessons 2020SP
MUAP-2282-001 Voice Elective 2020SP
MUSIC-1088-3001 Opera Workshop 2020SP
MUAP-1181-001 Voice Elective 2021FA
MUAP-1283-001 Voice Major 2021FA
MUAP-2283-001 Voice Major 2021FA
MUAP-1183-001 Voice Minor 2021FA
MUAP-2183-001 Voice Minor 2021FA
MUSI-1157-001 Opera Workshop 2021FA
MUAP-1281-001 Voice Elective 2021FA
MUAP-2181-001 Voice Elective 2021FA
MUAP-2281-001 Voice Elective 2021FA
MUAP-2284-001 Voice Major 2021SP
MUAP-1283-001 Voice Major 2021SP
MUSIC-1088-3001 Opera Workshop 2021SP
MUSI-1157-001 Opera Workshop 2021SP
MUAP-1284-001 Voice Major 2021SP
MUAP-1282-001 Voice Elective 2021SP
MUSIC-105-3001 Private Voice Lessons 2021SP
MUAP-2282-001 Voice Elective 2021SP
MUAP-1282-001 Voice Elective 2022SP
MUAP-1283-001 Voice Major 2022SP
MUAP-2184-001 Voice Minor 2022SP
MUAP-1182-001 Voice Elective 2022SP
MUAP-2282-001 Voice Elective 2022SP
MUAP-2182-001 Voice Elective 2022SP
MUSI-1157-001 Opera Workshop 2022SP
MUAP-1284-001 Voice Major 2022SP
MUAP-1184-001 Voice Minor 2022SP
MUAP-2284-001 Voice Major 2022SP