Amarillo College Faculty Credentials

Faculty Member:   Debbie Oliver
Title:   Part Time Instructor
Department:   Adult Education and Literacy
B.S. West Texas State University
Other Credentials
Texas Teacher Certificate -Elementary Self-Contained - Gr 1-8 - 1971 - Provisional Life
Part-time Teacher Certification, Amarillo College 2006
Second Grade Bilingual Reading HOSTS Mentor, Amarillo Independent School District
Volunteer Instructor, Red Cross
Volunteer Trainer, Girl Scouts of America
24 Hours upper-level undergraduate work in Education including six hours of student teaching
Previous Positions
Publications, Presentations, Public Works and Awards
Courses Taught at Amarillo College
Course ID Course Name Term
AEWR-0001-003 Basic Writing 2017FA
AELE-0005-004 ESL - Advanced 2018FA
AELE-0005-003 ESL - Advanced 2018FA
AELE-0005-001 ESL - Advanced 2018SP
AELE-0005-003 ESL - Advanced 2018SP
AEWR-0001-001 Basic Writing 2018SP
AELE-0052-0203 ESL - Low Intermediate 2019FA
AELE-0051-0204 ESL - High Beginning 2019FA
NURA-1401-001 Nurse Aide for Health Care 2019FA
AELE-0051-0013 ESL - High Beginning 2019FA
AELE-0007-007 Pre-HSE Class 2019SP
AELE-0005-0102 ESL - Advanced 2020FA
AELE-0006-1101 Pre-HSE 2020FA
AELE-0006-0101 Pre-HSE 2020FA
AELE-0005-1102 ESL - Advanced 2020FA
AELE-0053-0507 ESL - High Intermediate 2020SP
AELE-0053-0607 ESL - High Intermediate 2020SP
AELE-0005-0604 ESL - Advanced 2020SP
AELE-0052-0506 ESL - Low Intermediate 2020SP
AELE-0056-108 Pre-Hse 2021FA
AELE-0056-208 Pre-Hse 2021FA
AELE-0054-105 Advanced 2021FA
AELE-0006-2107 Pre-HSE 2021SP
AELE-0006-3109 Pre-HSE 2021SP
AELE-0005-3102 ESL - Advanced 2021SP
AELE-0005-2102 ESL - Advanced 2021SP