Amarillo College Faculty Credentials

Faculty Member:   Genice Wise
Title:   Adjunct - English
Department:   English
A.A.S. Paris Junior College
B.S. West Texas A & M
B.S. West Texas A & M
Other Credentials
The courses listed qualify to teach Developmental Reading
ESL Certification
ELA/SS Certification 4-8, May 2006
ENG 203 Non-Western Literature
SCOM 101 Basic Speech
EDRD 302 Read Skills/Elem School
EDRD 301 Teach Read/Child Lit
EDRD 402 Eval/Read Performance
EDPD 340 Educ Foundations
EDPD 201 Education Seminar
EDRD 403 Field Exper/Teach Reading
EPSY 341 Educ Psychology
EDT 343 Educ Technology
SCOM 430 Storytelling/Puppetry
EDPD 205 Schools and Society
ENG 202 MSTRPCS/ Wes World Lit
PSY 204 Human Development
EDRD 401 Emergent Lit/ Div Cult
ENG 399 Special Topics
ENG 442 Advanced Grammar
ENG 370 Adv/Technical Comm
EPSY 350 Children/Spec Needs
EDEL 4370 Language Arts Methods
EDEL 4340 Student Teaching Elem
EDEL 4341 Student Teaching Elem
EDPD 4340 Classroom Mgt
Previous Positions
6th Grade Language Arts teacher, SHMS 07/01/2006 05/31/2011
Publications, Presentations, Public Works and Awards
Courses Taught at Amarillo College
Course ID Course Name Term
RDNG-0321-006 Reading Techniques I 2016FA
RDNG-0321-004 Reading Techniques I 2016FA
RDNG-0321-007 Reading Techniques I 2016FA
RDNG-0321-005 Reading Techniques I 2016SP
RDNG-0321-004 Reading Techniques I 2016SP
RDNG-0321-006 Reading Techniques I 2016SP
RDNG-0321-001 Reading Techniques I 2016SU
RDNG-0301-001 Basic Reading Skills 2017FA
RDNG-0321-005 Reading Techniques I 2017FA
RDNG-0321-003 Reading Techniques I 2017FA
RDNG-0301-004 Basic Reading Skills 2017FA
RDNG-0321-003 Reading Techniques I 2017SP
RDNG-0301-001 Basic Reading Skills 2017SP
RDNG-0321-005 Reading Techniques I 2017SP
RDNG-0321-002 Reading Techniques I 2017SU
RDNG-0302-003 Reading Techniques 2018FA
AERW-0001-001 Basic Reading and Writing 2018FA
RDNG-0301-005 Basic Reading Skills 2018SP
RDNG-0321-003 Reading Techniques I 2018SP
INRW-0303-LC28 Integrated Reading/Writing 2019FA
RDNG-0302-006 Reading Techniques 2019SP
INRW-0303-LC21 Integrated Reading/Writing 2020FA
INRW-0303-LC40 Integrated Reading/Writing 2021SP