Amarillo College Faculty Credentials

Faculty Member:   Melody Swauger
Title:   Dual Credit Instructor - Mathematics
Department:   Math Sciences and Engineering
M.Ed. West Texas University
18 graduate hrs in Mathematics
B.S West Texas State University
Other Credentials
EDUC 472: Exceptional Children (3)
MATH 316: Cmpt Sys/Assmblr Prg (3)
MATH 420: Teach Sec Math (3)
MATH 441: Advanced Calculus (3)
MATH 442: Advanced Calculus (3)
MATH 5490: Survey/Modern Math (3 Grad hrs)
MATH 5581: Special Problems (3 Grad hrs)
MATH 581: Special Problems (3 Grad hrs)
MATH 582: Special Problems (3 Grad hrs)
MATH 590: Found/Mod Elem Math (3 Grad hrs)
MATH 592: Found/Mod Geometry (3 Grad hrs)
Texas Lifetime Teaching Certificate 1966
Previous Positions
Publications, Presentations, Public Works and Awards
Presented various calculus and vertical team topics at College Board two day workshops (Dallas, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Tulsa) throughout 1996-1999.
Courses Taught at Amarillo College
Course ID Course Name Term
MATH-1414-DC003 College Algebra/STEM 2016FA
MATH-1316-DC016 Trigonometry 2016SP
MATH-1414-DC003 College Algebra/STEM 2017FA
MATH-1316-DC013 Trigonometry 2017SP
MATH-1414-DC003 College Algebra/STEM 2018FA
MATH-1316-DC013 Trigonometry 2018SP
MATH-1414-DC003 College Algebra/STEM 2019FA
MATH-1316-DC013 Trigonometry 2019SP
MATH-1414-DC003 College Algebra/STEM 2020FA
MATH-1316-DC013 Trigonometry 2020SP
MATH-1316-DC013 Trigonometry 2021SP