Amarillo College Faculty Credentials

Faculty Member:   Robert Weingart
Title:   Part-Time Instructor of Art
Department:   Art
North Texas University BFA
Other Credentials
MFA Painting, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL
BFA Painting, University of North Texas, Denton, TX.
Previous Positions
Publications, Presentations, Public Works and Awards
Courses Taught at Amarillo College
Course ID Course Name Term
ARTS-1304-001 Art History II 2016FA
ARTS-1301-004 Art Appreciation 2017FA
ARTS-1304-001 Art History II 2017FA
ARTS-1304-002 Art History II 2017FA
ARTS-1304-003 Art History II 2017SP
ARTS-1304-002 Art History II 2017SP
ARTS-1304-002 Art History II 2018FA
ARTS-1301-006 Art Appreciation 2018FA
ARTS-1304-001 Art History II 2018FA
ARTS-1301-007 Art Appreciation 2018FA
ARTS-1304-002 Art History II 2018SP
ARTS-1301-005 Art Appreciation 2018SP
ARTS-1303-003 Art History I 2018SP
ARTS-1301-DC001 Art Appreciation 2018SP
ARTS-1304-003 Art History II 2018SP
ARTS-1301-DC001 Art Appreciation 2018SU
ARTS-1301-DC001 Art Appreciation 2019FA
ARTS-1304-002 Art History II 2019FA
ARTS-1301-007 Art Appreciation 2019FA
ARTS-1304-001 Art History II 2019FA
ARTS-1304-003 Art History II 2019SP
ARTS-1304-002 Art History II 2019SP
ARTS-1303-003 Art History I 2019SP
ARTS-1301-DC001 Art Appreciation 2019SP
ARTS-1301-002 Art Appreciation 2019SU
ARTS-1301-DC001 Art Appreciation 2019SU
ARTS-1301-DC001 Art Appreciation 2020FA
ARTS-1304-001 Art History II 2020FA
ARTS-1304-003 Art History II 2020SP
ARTS-1304-002 Art History II 2020SP
ARTS-1301-DC001 Art Appreciation 2020SP
ARTS-1301-DC001 Art Appreciation 2020SU
ARTS-1301-002 Art Appreciation 2020SU
ARTS-1304-001 Art History II 2021FA
ARTS-1301-DC001 Art Appreciation 2021FA
ARTS-1304-003 Art History II 2021SP
ARTS-1301-DC002 Art Appreciation 2021SP
ARTS-1304-002 Art History II 2021SP
ARTS-1301-DC001 Art Appreciation 2021SP
ARTS-1301-002 Art Appreciation 2021SU
ARTS-1301-004 Art Appreciation 2021SU
ARTS-1301-DC001 Art Appreciation 2022SP
ARTS-1304-003 Art History II 2022SP
ARTS-1301-DC002 Art Appreciation 2022SP
ARTS-1304-002 Art History II 2022SP