Amarillo College Faculty Credentials

Faculty Member:   Jim Laughlin
Title:   Professor
Department:   Music
B.A. B.M.E. Southwestern Oklahoma State University
M.M.E. Wichita State University
Ph.D. University of North Texas
Other Credentials
MUTH 5381, UNT 1991
MUTH 5381, UNT 1991
MUTH 5282, UNT 1992
MUAC 6512, UNT 1992
MUMI 5340, UNT 1992
MUJS 3360, UNT 1993
MUED 6470, UNT 1992
MUED 6620, UNT 1993
MULB 5174, UNT 1992
MUGC 6950, UNT2001
MUCM 5550, UNT 1993
ProTools Certified User V9
ProTools Certified User V12
ProTools Certified Operator V12
ProTools ACI User V12
ProTools ACI User V12.8
ProTools ACI Operator V12
ProTools ACI User V2020/2021
ProTools Operator Post V2018
ProTools ACI Post V2018
ProTools User Game Audio V2020/2021
ProTools ACI Game Audio V2020/2021
Previous Positions
Publications, Presentations, Public Works and Awards

2017 Guest Lecturer, Amarillo College Humanities

Adjudicator Oklahoma State Music Contest 1992-2017

2012  Guest Lecturer, Amarillo College Humanities
2005-2011 Reader, AP Music Theory
2007 Guest Conductor, Oklahoma Allstate Jazz Ensemble

1998 Presentation, North American Saxophone Alliance Conference, Denton, TX
1996, Guest Speaker, Deans Book Review, Amarillo College
1989-2011 Guest Presentations and Performances, Amarillo Public Schools, Window on a Wider World and The Amarillo Jazz Society

1989-Present Guest Performance / Presentations, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, University of Missouri-Rolla, Texas Tech University, University of North Texas, Eastern New Mexico University, West Texas A&M University, University of Northern Colorado.

2009 Visiting Professor, Jazz Improvisation, West Texas A&M University

1989-Present Member Amarillo Symphony Orchestra, Amarillo Opera Orchestra

Courses Taught at Amarillo College
Course ID Course Name Term
MUAP-1129-001 Freshman Clarinet Elective 2016FA
MUEN-1123-001 Jazz Ensemble 2016FA
MUAP-1229-001 Freshman Clarinet Elective 2016FA
MUSI-1306-008 Music Appreciation 2016FA
MUSI-1306-009 Music Appreciation 2016FA
MUAP-1231-001 Freshman Clarinet Major 2016FA
MUAP-1233-001 Freshman Saxophone Elective 2016FA
MUAP-1235-001 Freshman Saxophone Major 2016FA
MUSIC-1170-1001 Jazz Ensemble 2016FA
MUSI-1116-001 Elementary Ear Training 2016FA
MUAP-1187-001 Independent Study 2016FA
MUAP-1287-001 Independent Study 2016FA
MUSI-1306-000H Music Appreciation 2016FA
MUEN-2123-001 Jazz Ensemble 2016FA
MUSI-1211-001 Elementary Theory 2016FA
MUAP-1236-001 Freshman Saxophone Major 2016SP
MUSI-1212-001 Elementary Theory 2016SP
MUEN-2124-001 Jazz Ensemble 2016SP
MUSI-1117-001 Elementary Ear Training 2016SP
MUSI-1310-001 American Music 2016SP
MUAP-1232-001 Freshman Clarinet Major 2016SP
MUSI-1310-000H American Music 2016SP
MUAP-1188-001 Independent Study 2016SP
MUAP-1288-007 Independent Study 2016SP
MUSIC-1170-2001 Jazz Ensemble 2016SP
MUEN-1124-001 Jazz Ensemble 2016SP
MUSI-1310-002 American Music 2016SP
MUSI-1306-003 Music Appreciation 2016SU
MUAP-2235-001 Sophomore Saxophone Major 2017FA
MUSI-101-001 Music Makers 2017FA
MUSI-1306-000H Music Appreciation 2017FA
MUAP-1235-001 Freshman Saxophone Major 2017FA
MUSI-103-001 Jazz Ensemble 2017FA
MUSIC-1170-2001 Jazz Ensemble 2017FA
MUSC-1327-001 Audio Engineering I 2017FA
MUSI-1116-001 Elementary Ear Training 2017FA
MUEN-1123-001 Jazz Ensemble 2017FA
MUAP-1287-001 Independent Study 2017FA
MUSC-1120-001 Live Sound Workshop 2017FA
MUSI-1311-001 Music Theory I 2017FA
MUSI-1212-001 Elementary Theory 2017SP
MUAP-1288-001 Independent Study 2017SP
MUSI-1117-001 Elementary Ear Training 2017SP
MUAP-1233-001 Freshman Saxophone Elective 2017SP
MUSI-1306-009 Music Appreciation 2017SP
MUSIC-1170-3001 Community Jazz Ensemble 2017SP
MUSI-1306-000H Music Appreciation 2017SP
MUAP-1187-001 Independent Study 2017SP
MUSI-1306-010 Music Appreciation 2017SP
MUEN-1124-001 Jazz Ensemble 2017SP
MUEN-2124-001 Jazz Ensemble 2017SP
CHILD-2113-4008 Jazz Combo Camp (7-12) 2017SU
MUSI-1306-002 Music Appreciation 2017SU
CHILD-2113-4007 Music Theory Camp (Gr 7-12) 2017SU
MUSI-1311-001 Music Theory I 2018FA
MUSI-1306-000H Music Appreciation 2018FA
MUSC-1327-001 Audio Engineering I 2018FA
MUSIC-1170-001 Jazz Ensemble 2018FA
MUEN-1123-001 Jazz Ensemble 2018FA
MUAP-1135-001 Freshman Saxophone Minor 2018FA
MUSI-1306-008 Music Appreciation(amer Emph) 2018FA
MUSI-103-001 Jazz Ensemble 2018FA
MUAP-1187-001 Independent Study 2018FA
MUSC-1120-001 Live Sound Workshop 2018FA
MUEN-2123-001 Jazz Ensemble 2018FA
MUSI-101-001 Music Makers 2018FA
MUSIC-101-1001 Music Theory I 2018FA
MUSIC-1170-3001 Jazz Ensemble 2018SP
MUSIC-1170-3002 Youth Jazz Orchestra A 14-19 2018SP
MUSI-1306-000H Music Appreciation (american) 2018SP
MUSC-1220-001 Live Sound Workshop 2018SP
MUSI-1312-001 Music Theory II 2018SP
MUSC-2327-001 Audio Engineering II 2018SP
MUSI-1306-007 Music Appreciation 2018SP
MUAP-1188-001 Independent Study 2018SP
MUEN-1124-001 Jazz Ensemble 2018SP
MUSI-101-001 Music Makers 2018SP
MUSI-103-001 Jazz Ensemble 2018SP
MUSI-1306-002 Music Appreciation (american) 2018SU
MUEN-2123-001 Jazz Ensemble 2019FA
MUSIC-202-1001 Sight Singing/Ear Training I 2019FA
MUSI-1116-001 Sight Singing & Ear Training I 2019FA
MUAP-1231-001 Clarinet Major 2019FA
MUSC-1327-001 Audio Engineering I 2019FA
MUSI-1311-001 Music Theory I 2019FA
MUAP-1187-001 Independent Study 2019FA
MUSIC-201-1001 Music Theory I 2019FA
MUSIC-1170-1001 Jazz Ensemble 2019FA
MUAP-1235-001 Saxophone Major 2019FA
MUSC-1120-001 Live Sound Workshop 2019FA
MUAP-2235-001 Saxophone Major 2019FA
MUEN-1123-001 Jazz Ensemble 2019FA
MUSIC-1170-3001 Jazz Ensemble 2019SP
MUSI-1306-0HNRS Music Appreciation (amer Emph) 2019SP
MUSC-1220-001 Live Sound Workshop 2019SP
MUAP-1229-001 Freshman Clarinet Elective 2019SP
MUSIC-201-3001 Music Theory II 2019SP
MUAP-1288-001 Independent Study 2019SP
MUAP-1188-001 Independent Study 2019SP
MUEN-2124-001 Jazz Ensemble 2019SP
MUSIC-1170-3002 Ama Youth Jazz Orch Ages 14-19 2019SP
MUSI-1312-001 Music Theory II 2019SP
MUSI-1306-008 Music Appreciation (amer Emph) 2019SP
MUSI-103-001 Jazz Ensemble 2019SP
MUAP-1236-001 Freshman Saxophone Major 2019SP
MUSC-2327-001 Audio Engineering II 2019SP
MUEN-1124-001 Jazz Ensemble 2019SP
MUSI-1306-002 Music Appreciation(amer Emph) 2019SU
MUAP-1231-001 Clarinet Major 2020FA
MUAP-1229-001 Clarinet Elective 2020FA
MUSC-1120-001 Live Sound Workshop 2020FA
MUEN-1123-001 Jazz Ensemble 2020FA
MUSI-1311-001 Music Theory I 2020FA
MUEN-2123-001 Jazz Ensemble 2020FA
MUSI-1116-001 Sight Singing & Ear Training I 2020FA
MUSIC-1170-3001 Jazz Ensemble 2020FA
MUAP-2231-001 Clarinet Major 2020FA
MUSC-1327-001 Audio Engineering I 2020FA
MUSC-1327-001 Audio Engineering I 2020FA
MUAP-1232-001 Clarinet Major 2020SP
MUEN-1124-001 Jazz Ensemble 2020SP
MUEN-2124-001 Jazz Ensemble 2020SP
MUAP-1236-001 Saxophone Major 2020SP
MUSIC-1170-3002 Youth Jazz Orchestra(A 14-19) 2020SP
MUSI-1312-001 Music Theory II 2020SP
MUAP-2236-001 Saxophone Major 2020SP
MUSC-2327-001 Audio Engineering II 2020SP
MUSI-1117-001 Sight Singing/Ear Training II 2020SP
MUSC-1220-001 Live Sound Workshop 2020SP
MUSC-1220-001 Live Sound Workshop 2020SP
MUSI-1306-002 Music Appreciation (american) 2020SU
MUSC-1120-001 Live Sound Workshop 2021FA
MUEN-2123-001 Jazz Ensemble 2021FA
MUAP-1187-001 Independent Study 2021FA
MUAP-2233-001 Saxophone Elective 2021FA
MUAP-1287-001 Independent Study 2021FA
MUAP-1133-001 Saxophone Elective 2021FA
MUAP-2231-001 Clarinet Major 2021FA
MUAP-2187-001 Independent Study 2021FA
MUAP-1235-001 Saxophone Major 2021FA
MUSC-1327-001 Audio Engineering I 2021FA
MUSC-1327-001 Audio Engineering I 2021FA
MUAP-1231-001 Clarinet Major 2021FA
MUAP-2235-001 Saxophone Major 2021FA
MUSI-1311-01 Music Theory I 2021FA
MUAP-2129-001 Clarinet Elective 2021FA
MUAP-2229-001 Clarinet Elective 2021FA
MUSI-1116-001 Sight Singing & Ear Training I 2021FA
MUEN-1123-001 Jazz Ensemble 2021FA
MUAP-1129-001 Clarinet Elective 2021FA
MUAP-2287-001 Independent Study 2021FA
MUAP-1229-001 Clarinet Elective 2021FA
MUAP-1233-001 Saxophone Elective 2021FA
MUAP-1288-001 Independent Study 2021SP
MUSI-1312-001 Music Theory II 2021SP
MUAP-2232-001 Clarinet Major 2021SP
MUSC-2327-001 Audio Engineering II 2021SP
MUSC-2327-001 Audio Engineering II 2021SP
MUSI-1117-001 Sight Singing/Ear Training II 2021SP
MUAP-1232-001 Clarinet Major 2021SP
MUSC-1220-001 Live Sound Workshop 2021SP
MUSC-1220-001 Live Sound Workshop 2021SP
RTVB-2343-001 Comm Recording Techniques 2021SP
RTVB-2343-001 Comm Recording Techniques 2021SP
MUSI-1306-002 Music Appreciation 2021SU
MUAP-1236-001 Saxophone Major 2022SP
MUSC-1220-001 Live Sound Workshop 2022SP
MUSC-1220-001 Live Sound Workshop 2022SP
MUAP-1288-001 Independent Study 2022SP
MUAP-1188-001 Independent Study 2022SP
MUAP-1230-001 Clarinet Elective 2022SP
MUAP-1134-001 Saxophone Elective 2022SP
MUAP-2188-001 Independent Study 2022SP
MUAP-2232-001 Clarinet Major 2022SP
MUSI-1312-001 Music Theory II 2022SP
MUAP-1234-001 Saxophone Elective 2022SP
MUAP-2234-001 Saxophone Elective 2022SP
RTVB-2343-001 Comm Recording Techniques 2022SP
RTVB-2343-001 Comm Recording Techniques 2022SP
MUAP-2236-001 Saxophone Major 2022SP
MUAP-2230-001 Clarinet Elective 2022SP
MUAP-1130-001 Clarinet Elective 2022SP
MUAP-1232-001 Clarinet Major 2022SP
MUSI-1117-001 Sight Singing/Ear Training II 2022SP
MUAP-2288-001 Independent Study 2022SP
MUAP-2130-001 Clarinet Elective 2022SP
MUSC-2327-001 Audio Engineering II 2022SP
MUSC-2327-001 Audio Engineering II 2022SP
MUSI-1306-002 Music Appreciation 2022SU